Show at St. Paul Tavern on Saturday night (1.16.16)

Hey Everybody,

I put new strings on my cigar box guitar! They sound like a tiger on a Harley Davidson now! Come and hear for yourself this Saturday at the St. Paul Tavern. It’s in St. Paul, Indiana (not Minnesota).  It’s a 9pm start.  Come early for the pre-show party!

Bring your friends and make plans for a night of great music, drinking and dancing!  The place gets really packed. Get there before 8pm for a good seat and great food. Come say hi and hang out with me and the gang. I’ll be onstage most of the night … but when I’m not, I won’t be hard to find :) There’ll be songs never before played on stage and my brother, Rick will be showing off his new AARP card!

Have a great weekend.

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