Feels Like Christmas

cover341Those who’ve seen Rusty Bladen live already know how down-to-earth yet so exciting his shows are.

Rusty Bladen’s music can absolutely light up a room. This CD reinforces that fact. It’s a Countryfried Homegrown Rock & Roll Christmas Party Music. The title track is a Rusty Bladen original. The other 12 songs are roots-rock versions of favorite traditional Holiday songs.

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Mastered by Ray Kennedy (Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Stevie Nicks)
Here’s what Ray had to say about it: “Feels like Christmas by Rusty Bladen is the most fun and refreshing Christmas music I’ve heard. It has such an upbeat and spirited vibe. My wife and kids start dancing to it every time I put it on. They say, ‘turn it up’.”

This album has something for everyone, Rock, Folk, Gospel, Country and Pop; it is a Christmas rock and roll knockout punch.

Produced by Dane Clark / Engineered by Mike Petrow

Rusty Bladen – vocals, harmonica
Sandy Williams – guitar
Troye Kinnett – keyboards and accordion
Vernay Reindollar – bass
John McDowell – background vocals