Homegrown Treasures

poster_hires2000jpgHomegrown Treasures

Combine some apple pie moonshine, some Kingpin’s BBQ, and 100 of Rusty’s most loyal fans and closest friends. Put them all together in a secluded ‘Fun House’ in the hills of Brown County, Indiana and you’ve got the right mix of magic for a live album.

“This is one of those albums that was fun to record, and easy, because we were essentially taping a show that I’m on the road with all the time,” Bladen said. “The audience was hot and the sound was good. If those two things are happening, then we’ve got a good show.”

The guarantee between Rusty Bladen and his audience is this: if you take the time to come out for a show, you’ll sing, might get up to dance, and will come away from it happy. His songs tell stories about living life in the heartland. That makes them about your life too. Rusty’s been on the road, playing throughout Indiana for 20 years. He will be doing it for another 20. This album is one stop along that musical highway.

The album, a live solo record, features 11 originals, captured in front of an audience of longtime fans. It was recorded at former John Mellencamp bass player Toby Myers’ studio in Nashville, Indiana.

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