From The Attic

Roadwork – Live at Pollards
Rusty Bladen was lead singer and rhythm guitarist in the Roadwork band from the late 80’s until he began his solo career in 1994 with the release of the album “Are You Happy Now?” They were one of southern Indiana’s top bar bands that liked to turn up the country and the rock. This is the full final (3rd) set of the night. It is a good example of what a Roadwork show was about: lots of dancing and lots of fun. Recorded at Pollards Bowl in Versailles, Indiana on October 13, 1990.

Rusty Bladen Band – Regatta Concert
Three opening songs from the 1995 pre-Regatta concert that was annually held in front of the judges stand on the Friday night of Regatta week, presented by WORX Radio. With Rusty, Rob Johnson (guitar), Tim Halcomb (bass), Dennis O’Neal (percussion), and Berry Burleson (drums).

“Blue Flannel Shirt” – Live at Eagle Hollow
A live version of “Blue Flannel Shirt” from July 1, 2000, recorded live at Eagle Hollow with the original Rusty Bladen and the Shakin’ Jakes band. Tony Burton (guitar), Jon E. Gee (bass), and Ed Gaus (drums) were the core band that recorded the tracks for the “Everything For Everybody” album (produced by Ed) and are featured at this show.The event was an annual pre-Regatta concert event at a huge campground party on the Ohio River in Rusty’s hometown of Madison, Indiana. Over the years, Rusty played this event a number of times, both with a band and solo. This was arguably the best of those years.

“Karoake King of Crawfish County”
Recorded in 2002, Rusty went into Madison musician and former Rusty Bladen Band drummer Dennis O’Neal’s studio and cut this track.  Features two guitars added to the recording and a couple of tracks of percussion. The song would later appear on One Live Night, a live album recorded in 2007 at the Scott Theater in Scottsburg, Indiana, and released in 2014 as a digital album.  A longtime live staple of Rusty’s shows, especially from 2002-2015, this is the first time this version has been released.

Live From Bloomington
Recorded April 23, 1997. Rusty Bladen and the Shakin’ Jakes live at Indiana University.
Rusty Bladen (guitar, harmonica, vocals)Paul Holdman (guitar) / Jon E. Gee (bass) / Ed Gaus (drums) – (soundboard recording)