Bladen an Inaugural Inductee as a Musician into the Madison Creative Hall of Fame

At a sold-out Christmas Music Showcase at The Red Bicycle Hall in December 2022, Rusty Bladen was given the surprise honor of being inducted into the Madison 2022 Creative Hall Of Fame as a musician. Bladen and longtime Madison country artist Don Youngblood were the inaugural honorees for the musicians part of the Hall of Fame in Madison, Indiana.

Rusty, who was born in Madison and has been there his entire life, started playing music as a teen, graduated to cover bands into his 20s before embarking on what has been a nearly 40-year solo career, playing his music – a brand he calls “homegrown rock and roll” – in the clubs, summer festivals, private parties and assorted venues throughout the Midwest, concentrating his live schedule to dates mostly in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Bladen has released nine albums, played nearly 5,000 shows in his career, and has penned more than 50 original songs. He continues to play live, booking more than 100 shows a year.

“I’m thankful for everyone who showed up and supported local music and a good cause, including Mayor Bob Courtney,” Rusty said of the evening. “The night was unforgettable It was quite overwhelming.”

During the night Rusty shared the stage with musicians and friends Rob Houze, Bill Lancton, Jimmy Davis, Chris Watson, Benjamin Reindollar, Nick Cicenas, Rick Bennett, and Jordan Antoine Wilson.
He also played a holiday music rock and roll set with his Rusty Bladen and the Living Daylights bandmembers Marty Miller, Brad Canaday, Jackson Bladen, and Michael Fortunato.”