One Live Night

scotttheatre_digitalcover25A Rusty Bladen band show is a testament to what five guys holding onto the same roots rock and roll rope can pull an audience into. That’s what is captured here: 18 American rock songs, recorded live with his band – Rusty Bladen and the Designated Drivers – in the historic Scott Theater in Scottsburg, Indiana. The album is a true live album.  No overdubs.  No sweetened crowd noise.  All the songs of the two set show are included.  It is truly one night. And truly live.  A well-greased band makes the night turn into a country-rock haze of a good time.

If you like rock and roll guitars, cracking drums, a little Hammond B-3 and lyrics that resonate, this is a live album that you’ll turn up.The songs reflect and embellish on what it is like to live someplace for a long time, and develop deep connections with people who you see everyday.  In the end, the songs are filled with folks who have become close, through years of growing up together as friends, neighbors, and maybe even lovers on a small town ride.

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