Everything For Everybody


A rollicking mixture of Americana rock and roll makes this album stand out. Rusty recorded “Everything for Everybody” with several members of John Mellencamp’s band, in addition to Rusty’s own band, the Shakin’ Jakes. Contains concert favorites “Blue Flannel Shirt”, “dooyamissme”, and “Red, White, and Blue”. Recorded at Echo Park in Bloomington, the album features Rusty’s touring band, the Shakin’ Jakes. Bass player Jon E Gee tours with Mellencamp, while drummer Ed Gaus toured with John Prine, and guitarist Tony Burton worked with with Roadmaster and Henry Lee Summer. Moe Z. (former keyboardist for Mellencamp) plays on five tracks,

The first single, “dooyamissme,’ reached the top 20 on three Indiana radio station including No. 2 at Z-92.5 in Kokomo. As part of the CD and live performance promotion schedule, it included a return to the Indiana Airwaves Tour, playing live on-the-air at stations in selected tour cities. For the media tour, he appeared on radio stations such as the influential Indiana progressive rocker WTTS in Bloomington, WQMF in Louisville, WOWO in Fort Wayne, WJAA in Seymour, Z-92.5 in Kokomo, and WITZ in Jasper.

Rusty Bladen – guitars, harmonica, vocals
Tony Burton – guitars, vocals
John E. Gee – bass, vocals
Ed Gaus – drums, vocals

Moe Z – keyboards
Michael Clark – mandolin, banjo, guitar
Charlie Bushor – piano on “Alcohol Blues”

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Album Review
reprinted from NUVO
The name Rusty Bladen is a familiar one to anyone who has spent any amount of time in the live music establishments of Indianapolis. It’s for good reason that he’s one of the most popular live acts: Audiences love him.

That’s because he’s a straight-forward, solid Midwestern-American singer/songwriter with no particular chip on his shoulder. He’s as honest as the day is long. You could trust him with the keys to your car when you go on vacation and he’d bring it back to you with a fresh wash job and a full tank of gas.

His voice is warbly in the way John Hiatt’s voice is a bit warbly: It’s an idiosyncrasy that makes this Hoosier’s songs about relationships all the more endearing.

His band, the Shakin’ Jakes, is a crackerjack unit of musicians that provides the solid pop music underpinnings to Bladen’s smart music. His music harkens back to the power-pop of the late ’70’s with some Wilbury’s and pop country added for extra tartness and sweetness.>

“Portable Love Song” and “Running Me Ragged” are just two examples of the well-played music on this album, which is accentuated by guest appearances from the Why Store’s Charlie Bushor and the ubiquitous Michael Clark.

Fans of Bladen’s live show will enjoy Everything For Everybody as a souvenir. The unconverted will be won over by the songwriting (which is excellent), the playing (which is flawless) and the sincerity, which is omnipresent.