New Album preview: “For The Better”- coming soon

Hear a two-minute sneak peek of Rusty’s upcoming album. The EP of seven new original songs includes the title track, “Warm Cup of Coffee”, “Where Did I Go Wrong?” and four more.

MP3 – Rusty Bladen Band – “Stayin’ Alive” – Live at the Lanier Mansion

laniermansion_band“Stayin’ Alive” recorded live at the historic Lanier Mansion in downtown Madison, Indiana in May, 2014. Private party with full band. The song has been part of Rusty’s solo set for a few years, but this is a rare, full band version.

A rare line up here for the Rusty Bladen Band, and included Madison’s Jimmy Davis on guitar, Mark Bear (Rusty’s former drummer from the 80′s rock band Aura) on drums and longtime friend and bass player Tim Halcomb.

New Music Preview: Rusty Bladen

Stream the entire “Brand New Bridge” song from the upcoming Rusty Bladen album For The Better.  The EP of seven new original songs will be released later this summer.

Rusty Bladen - homegrown rock and roll - Madison, Indiana - copyright 2014