For The Better, the new album from RUSTY BLADEN, has arrived. Written by Rusty Bladen and produced by Thom Daugherty (formerly of The Band Perry and The Elms).

Available online now: iTunes | Amazon |CD Baby | CD also available at shows

The Story of the Song – An Exclusive Interview with Rusty Bladen

Exclusive website-only podcast series: Hear the story behind each of the songs on the new Rusty Bladen album For The Better

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Hear Rusty explain  where the ideas came from, how the songs were recorded and what makes the new album different than his other releases.

Heading Into Fall. My Favorite Time….

I was hoping to be more consistent with my writings but once again, time and circumstances have made it difficult. I’ve waited way too long to tell everyone that I’m a terrible procrastinator. (inside joke).

I’m happy and excited to announce that my 8th album called For The Better will be out on Oct. 14, 2014!! It’s been a long time in the making because I wanted to make the best possible album that I could. First let me say that it wouldn’t have been possible without a ‘fan funding’ project called Indiegogo. With the help of generous friends and fans of my music, I was able to raise 75% of the production costs. I’ll mention each and every one of them in another section.

I’ve been very busy emailing the link to download the album to all of the contributors. It’s going to take a lot of time to mail out the signed CDs and t shirts to everyone who helped make this album. I am so grateful and fortunate to have people who support me and my music. Music is what I live for it’s and those people who help keep me going.

I’ve played 7 night out of the last 12 nights. I played The Tin Roof in Indy, my cousin Bob Askren’s birthday party, Gallagher’s, The Broadway Tavern and Stream Cliff Farm. On September 14, I played at Carmel Porchfest which was a very pleasant experience. Streets were blocked off and neighbors near downtown Carmel agreed to let musicians set up on their porches and perform for a large crowd walking the streets and sitting in lawn chairs. It’s a great idea that I want to suggest to our city council. There was no pay for musicians but I did get some good exposure. They used my picture on the Indy Star web site.

My wife, Andra and I started celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary last week. We had a great evening in a limo, going to Morton’s Steak House and several clubs downtown Indy. We plan on more celebrating this Thursday at Crystal and Jules restaurant in Madison.

Meanwhile, I’m rehearsing, getting ready for a private party this Tuesday at Belterra Casino, the Walhill Farm this Friday and the Mitchell Persimmon Festival on Saturday.

A body in motion….stays in motion!


Album Release Parties Announced

With the release of Rusty’s new album For The Better, a string of album release shows have been announced. At these shows, the album will be available, and expect lots of special surprises, including a chance to hear the songs performed live, giveaways and special guests for a number of the shows. The shows includeContinue Reading

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